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  • HDR shoots for all pictures                                                                                  $50
  • Provide video in a different format                                                                      $25
  • Provide elevated pole shots of front and back yard                                          $75
  • Provide extra shots of exterior buildings, ponds, neightbor hood, etc. . .       $50

2ShootVideo.com bills through PayPal and media is released upon receipt of payment.

2ShootVideo.com does not upload media to MLS or other real estate services.

2ShootVideo.com does not handle credit card payments.  We use PayPal for your and our security.

2ShootVideo.com shoots high resolution (HR) photos and high definition (HD) video of your property. 

· We also do not count pictures. . .we take what the property requires! 

· Most scheduled sessions have a 24-hour turn around. 

· Web page included sessions have a branded and unbranded web page, you will be provided with a web page login so you can make branded changes to your page like add your picture and detailed description.

· A complete zipped file of all your HR pictures will be forwarded to you for Brochure and pamphlet publications.

· VR360 sessions have 360 degree photos shot of the front and back yards and every room.  These 360 degree photos are shot in High Dynamic Range (HDR).  A 360 viewer is included on the branded web page.

· Extra products are available for an additional fee, we’d be happy to quote you.  (See below)

· Branded/unbranded web pages can be added for an additional $20.

note: A small mileage fee will be added for sessions outside of DFW area.

​Prices current 9/11/2017

HR Photos Only    HR Photos           HD Video, HR           VR 360 Only       VR360 & 

                               & HD Video          Photos & VR 360    (Web pages)       HR Photos

                                   (Web Page)             (Web pages)                                           (Web Pages)

Upto 2K Sqft      Upto 2K Sqft     Upto 2K Sqft        Upto 2K Sqft   Upto 2K
$125                   $200                  $300                      $150               $250

Upto 3K Sqft      Upto 3K Sqft     Upto 3K Sqft        Upto 3K Sqft   Upto 3K 

$150                   $225                  $325                     $175                $300

Upto 5K Sqft      Upto 5K Sqft     Upto 5K Sqft        Upto 5K Sqft   Upto 5K
$225                   $300                 $425                     $225                $400

Upto 7K Sqft      Upto 3K Sqft    Upto 3K Sqft       Upto 3K Sqft   Upto 3K
$275                   $400                 $525                     $275                $500

Upto 10K Sqft    Upto 10K Sqft  Upto 10K Sqft    Upto 10K Sqft  Upto 10K
$400                   $500                 $625                    $325                 $600